The Art of Darius X Moreno

Welcome to the mind of Darius X Moreno an artist, animator, illustrator, painter, and sculpture. Our initial introduction is art work that howls at current culture; and then the silent presence of an artist who transcends today’s contemporary art world with a multi-disciplined style that combines 2D mediums and 3D imagery to create new and notable art. The grand scale of Darius X’s talent and skills began to reveal early as this young prodigy won several awards in Washington D.C. and Prince George’s County, MD.; leading to a commissioned piece for the Corcoran Museum even before entering high school.  Accepted into Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Washington D.C.) in 2009, he was challenged to work among some of the most talented young artist in Washington DC area, he began to explore new mediums and expand his knowledge and exposure of what then and continues to inspire his art.


While still attending high school, Darius X continued to grow with works including the cover drawing of W.E.B Dubois for The Crisis Magazine (2011) and the cover of The White House Christmas Tour Book as well as images inside for President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama (2012), earning his art a place in the National Archives. Straight from the White House to be accepted on scholarship to Parsons the New School for Design he relocated and began to infiltrate the New York Art Scene. Today as a recent graduate he continues to grow his visibility with his most recent work, being commissioned by Sony RCA to do the cover art for their new artist GoldLink’s album “At What Cost” and an animated short developed, drawn, and directed by Darius X which premiered on the mainstage at Coachella (2017).

Darius is an artist in every sense of the word and continues to work from his studio in New York City, collaborating with the tastemakers on music, fashion, beauty, and photography elevating his presence and influence throughout the art world. This NYC-based creative works in 2D and 3D mediums, predominately sculpture and paintings. His work as a painter is inspired by the grit of hip-hop culture—not only in subject matter, but in the raw, unrestrained brush strokes that suggest an inherent powerful energy. Darius X’s depiction of GoldLink builds on an existing portrait series of Moreno’s favorite rappers and other black subjects where he finds raw material in the usual visual codes of hip-hop — money, power, women — but renders this with an enticing ambiguity and playfulness; artists are turned into elvish creatures whose depths are reflected in powerful blends of color. His work captures the essence of so many African American childhoods; a visual representation of the hood rich aesthetic of the early 2000’s combined with the history of historic neighborhoods such U street corridor (Washington, D.C.), Harlem (New York, NY) and Orange Mound (Memphis, TN.). Rather than relying on nostalgia as the basis of his work, he juxtaposes technical skill, demonstrated by energetic brush strokes, with compelling and culturally relevant subject matter, creating a look that is best described as “ghetto avant-garde”, a tasteful tribute to the life and times of his community.