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The GoldLink Project- Cover Art & Animation (RCA/Sony)

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“His work as a painter is inspired by the grit of hip-hop culture—not only in subject matter, but in the raw, unrestrained brush strokes that suggest an inherent powerful energy.”

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Electric Circus

“The near future is me graduating from Parsons in May, finishing my website, and having a solo art show this summer in New York. I also plan on releasing a few animated shorts over the next few months, working with more artists and traveling.”

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Artistic Manifesto

I mention to Darius that I thought the artwork for the track was very reminiscent of the cover for Marvin Gaye’s 1976 I Want You. His eyes light up and he yells in delight, “ERNEST BARNES, YES I LOVE HIM!” Darius cites Barnes as another of his major inspirations in addition to animators like Bruce Smith who developed the nostalgic, The Proud Family. Great artists make room for constant inspiration in their lives. This happens to be true for Darius.

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The Fader

“I’ve never been to D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, the tri-state area known as the DMV, but it’s not hard to imagine Moreno’s art appearing as a mural in a historic neighborhood.”

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